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May 7 Tournament    
All members of Full Metal Gaming (FMG), there will be an open clan tournament for all members.  This tournament is FFA or 1v1 tournament.  For more information contact TerminatorBaby1 or SmithD2010 on Xbox Live.  The tournament will take place on May 7, 2011.  First Prize is 1400 Microsoft and a promotion, second place is 800 Microsoft points.
1st Place- BaKeDxJesteR
2nd Place- TerminatorBaby1

Full Metal Gaming.

    Welcome to Full Metal Gaming (FMG).  To start off if anyone has any questions about FMG feel free to contact SmithD2010 or TerminatorBaby1 on Xbox Live and we will be able to answer any questions you may have about FMG.  A gaming clan for competitive and community based clan. As a part of FMG our members develope skills in leadership, knowledge, honor, and strategy. FMG is a clan that is based on the Xbox 360 console. If you want to be apart of our clan, any members are welcome to join, but for our competitive teams members, they will try out and compete for spots in ranks weekly, so skilled members are encouraged to join. Let the gaming begin!!!
   -Registration is REQUIRED by every member of FMG. Its easier for us to build the website and fill up the "Roster" Thank you.
  -You MUST have a microphone headset for your xbox. If you do not, I recommend you go purchase one as soon as possible!

About Us    
About Us.

- We play what you play. Everyone at FMG plays various games across the Xbox 360 platform. If we dont have a team or division on your game, contact us. We can work something out and get your game apart of the community. Just recently one of our members came to us and wanted to have a GTA or Shift 2 Unleashed branch, we are currently working things out to get that to happen. Also within FMG we strive to have allies on some of our games, like on the call of duty branches, we are working on having a meeting with Murderin Evolution Army (MEA) to see what some options would be for our two communities.
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